Cyclos Service Plans

Cyclos 4 LETS

Cyclos 4 LETS community hosting is available for LETS and other local social groups up to 300 users. LETS and local groups pay a small contribution towards administrative and hosting costs.

Cyclos 4 Pro

Cyclos 4 contains all of the features of the 3.x versions, and much more, such as a new responsive user interface, Oauth integration, and web shop functionality. If you want to run a standalone Cyclos 4 system, we can work with you tailored to your specific situation, including high availability features. Plans start at €19,95 per month. We can help you with configuration, integrations, custom operations, and extensions facilitated by Cyclos 4 scripting and customizing features. Contact us for details.

Cyclos 3

Open source Cyclos 3 for LETS groups, Time Banks, Cooperatives and other regional systems. Starting at €14.95 per month.

- based on Cyclos 3.7
- no license fees
- for groups from 300 to millions of participants
- full configuration and administration
- mobile support and web services
- we provide customizing and modifications
- full security and data protection

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