About Cyclos


Cyclos is a marketplace and online banking system in a single environment. Participants can advertise, buy, and trade goods and services.

Each participant has one or more accounts, can make and receive payments, and may send and receive bills. Other functionalities include:

- A built-in message system to send messages to the administration or other participants, either in the Cyclos mailbox or via email
- The option to receive notifications of new payments, bills, expiring loans and so on.
- The option to receive notifications of a new advertisement that satisfies personal criteria
- An address book of frequently used contacts
- Advanced search possibilities
- The option to give and receive feedback
- Complete, searchable transaction history
- Loans and automatic repayments

For administrators

- Extensive group configuration. One-to-many group - account type linking. Settings, transaction fees, contributions, transaction types, custom fields, page styles, can all be defined at the group level.
- Extensive account configuration
- Extensive transaction fees and contributions configuration
- Integrated multi-currency options
- Reporting and statistics
- All text elements can be changed
- All style elements (colors, fonts, background images) can be changed
- Custom fields can be added to participant profiles, advertisements and transactions, at the group level
- Integrated messages and notifications system
- Authorizations can be set at multiple levels
- Security by access filters at ip-level, blocking of scripted login attacks, captcha at the registration level
- Login security by password policy enforcement, PIN and/or password authentication, transaction PIN/passwords
- External integrations via web services
- Display of advertisements in external systems via web services
- Import and export of text elements and settings
- Smart card payment option (POS)
- SMS-module for payments and account access via SMS
- Import of external system transactions by import or web service
- Import and export of participants, advertisements and categories
- Roll back of transactions
- Authorized transactions
- Reconciliation
- and much more


Open Source Cyclos 3.7 offers a feature-rich and adaptable environment for Time Banks, Complementary Currencies and LETS. Cyclos 3.7 is implemented as a Java Servlets Web Application, which makes it robust, secure, and scalable. It is well suited for small groups as well as large scale commercial usage scenarios.

Cyclos 4 is a complete redesign. It uses a Java servlet based backend and a modern javascript based frontend. Cyclos 4 is closed-source and licensed by STRO. It builds on the already rich features of Cyclos 3.7 and adds much more. For example, Cyclos 4 offers full webshop functionality, enabling members to run a currency based webshop. A key improvement over Cyclos 3 is per-user language choice, as Cyclos 3 uses a single language per installation. Although Cyclos 4 is closed-source, many customizations can be made using the built-in scripting and extension facilities. There will be a data migration path if you want to go from 3.x to Cyclos 4.
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